What can be imagined will happen to architecture, when additive manufacturing becomes affordable and even economically and ecologically attractive for the building sector?

The future of robotic additive manufacturing of architectural components, whether on site or in a factory, is currently rising questions about inherent material properties, scale and the new kind of material control architects will gain from this new paradigm. Apart from obvious issues like statics, construction techniques and geometric limitations other perspectives arise around the degrees of freedom gained from the robots and the codes by which we operate them.

Through years of experiment and curiosity, our team started to develop a vocabulary of form, in which one of them engaged in the optimization of surface area in order to optain climatic advantages. Next steps have been planned: we will print 1:1 scaled clay walls.

Clay Walls

Caroline Høgsbro, 2020
Material: Stoneware clay
3D printed with Universal Robot and Lutum Extruder
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