For some decades rapidly improving CAD programs have been playing ground for experiments with physical, organic form. The seemingly unfathomable complexity of shapes and spaces that have been explored are currently speeding up craft innovation, beyond the tradition of modern science and alien to the traditional logic of crafting. In response to the difficulties of materializing virtual design, craftmanship is moving fast forward to 
a more immediate experience of the physical model. Acribic control of the virtual model and a profound understandig of material behaviours result from this movement, a movement that has already been framed as digital craftmanship.

Craft & Digitality

TU Braunschweig, 2018
Prototyping of space objects with inspiration from traditional craft techniques

Lead: Caroline Høgsbro

The Tailor (1-4): Lukas Hertwig, Miles Jamal Jastram, Kira Wagner, Mishale Senft
Lightweight Airplane Craft (5-6): Judith Pelli, Jonas Fangmann, Janik Rückemann, Janin Töpperwein
Bent Wood (7): Björn Oswald, Alexander Kok, Marlon Dina, Leon Hengemühle, Duc Tuan Nguyen,
The Joiner (8-10): Keven Reimchen, Mia Gutschalk, Marleen van de Valk , Sarah Schober
The Saddlemaker (9-10): Merle Oldenburg , Luisa Lange, Linnea Altrogge, Fabian Ulitzka
The Violinmaker (11-16): Alexander Bahr, Anne Bock, Senta Schrewe, Tjark Spille