On of my preoccupations over the years has been a mechanistic language approach to modeling architectural space. The relationship between time and space, movement and transformation has fed a great part of my work.
Architects are increasingly communicating in a mechanistic language, because this corresponds to our comprehension and magination about the becoming of form. Commands like flow along, bend or move are all based on mechanical movements. At the same time, this strengthens our sense of time aspects in geometry.

This amazing sculpture was cast in plaster in styrocut foam molds. The styrocut trajectories were made from ruled surfaces, discretizing the curved surfaces. After the cast, on side was smoothed, showing the original aim of the form


TU Braunschweig, IMD, 2019:

Lead: Caroline Høgsbro

Project: Svea Schumacher, Sofie Eichler, Franziska Kramer, Renata Dutra Rodrigues