Anyone who tried scripting a design or generating form with digital tools knows how difficult it is to not let the tool show. In order to bring design to life, it is crucial to build on uncertainties and a loss of control, letting curiosity lead to unexpected results. These bridges bare witness to a process-driven design process, where deliberate formgiving supplements generative formfinding techniques and thus results in personal and yet parametrically controlled form

Parametric Bridges

TU Berlin, 2012
Foot Bridge Design with Grasshopper

Lead: Daniel Lordick and Caroline Høgsbro

Cover Drawing: Tobias Kuhlmann


1: Nicole Redmer & Elin Bork
2,4: Julien Schmidtke & Konstantin Greune
3: Hamid Tokany & Bo-Philipp Gebert
5: Marietta Loukissa & Jesper Menting
6: Stephan Fahlbusch & Jesper Rose
7-8: Tobias Kuhlmann

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